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Masks & Medical Supply Chain

MedTrax Health mission is to dramatically improve healthcare – adding value to the supply chain process to ensure clinicians have the right supplies at the right time.

The MedTrax Health fuses cutting edge technology with lean methodologies and principles to provide an operating system capable of managing all of the medical supplies, in all areas of the hospital or other healthcare environment.


Our Focus

  • Make supply chain capabilities more agile by segmenting our customers, implementing faster responses via shorter lead times, and improving our sensing acumen to improve service and lower total cost.

  • Focus the majority of our supply chain strategy efforts on its deployment, not its development, by staffing our strategy team with people who excel in governance, education, change management and communications.

  • Harness the power the digital supply chain by taking an “R&D” approach — make directed investments in digital technology to discover the intersection between capability and need, and don’t constrain the initiative with fixed return on investment expectations.

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